At Qhanu, we're empowering brands to reimagine digital omnichannel product experiences

What is Qhanu?

With Qhanu, you can turn boring product descriptions
into compelling product experiences that
are interactive and engaging

When we started designing Qhanu, our aim was to empower Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & eCommerce brands with the ability to craft engaging stories about their brand and products without having to rely on traditional marketing channels. To create compelling online and in-person shopping experiences so they can showcase products in the best possible light while also doing good for the planet. All without having to hire a technical team or figure out where to begin.

At Qhanu, we aim to combine the power of community with augmented reality to curate a truly compelling, enjoyable brand and product experience.

Nothing like this existed and we knew it would be a tall order. But over time, we have come up with a few innovative features that will help you accomplish this.

With Qhanu,
you can:
  • Drive conversion rates through enabling 3D experience and AR experience, a digital overlay that extends the the scope of what can be communicated about products beyond packaging, website pages or ads in 2D
  • Drive customer happiness and confidence in products before purchase
  • Keep a pulse on what your customers are thinking, at scale by embedding interactive surveys within AR experiences
  • Do good for the environment by reducing returns, exchanges and waste
  • Track engagement rates and other analytics so you are always in the driver's seat to make well informed decisons for your business
Our Story

Aug 2020 - Present

We’ve been in store & online shopping for years in the past and, like many of you, we didn’t have a great experience.  

There was something missing from the shopping experience. When it came to online shopping, the products sometimes looked different from the product photos and the entire experience was isolated unlike shopping in person. When it came to in store shopping, there are often so many options for the same kind of product, so which do you choose? These are the problems we sought to solve.

After months of thinking and developing, we are launching REACH in late 2021 – a web-based augmented reality solution to turn boring product descriptions into product experiences.  

What makes Qhanu’s REACH unique is that it enables meaningful interactions and personalizes product experiences. We chose to focus on a interactive approach more than just stunning visuals. We wanted your audience to not just visit your website, view ads, and simply look at product packages but be immersed in product experiences.  

For eCommerce and marketing managers, we are developing tools for building these highly interactive online experiences. Qhanu offers a customizable dashboard where eCommerce managers can track important KPIs and review insights at scale. It integrates within your existing tech stack and with all major eCommerce platforms. Its:
·     Flexible
·     Scalable  

In our first year alone, we’re fortunate to be working with leading brands to curate compelling product experiences.

Our team is growing fast, and we’re rolling out new features every so often to constantly build on and improve our products.  

Our goal is to reimagine product experiences from the ground up and make them so good that engaging with your brand and its products no longer becomes just another alternative but the go to option.

We foresee a future where all CPG brands, whether they have a presence in store or online, will have a social and augmented reality component that isn’t a lesser experience—but is rather an equally meaningful and effective way for showcasing products and connecting with your audience.

Even more, if we are successful, the world becomes a cleaner place. Qhanu products enable brands to be more sustainable, since digitally curated product visuals, which when further made interactive and brought to life with augmented reality leads to fewer returns, exchanges and less waste.

“We developed Qhanu to reimagine product experiences, at scale, on demand"
Neha Chanu
CEO & Co-Founder
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Our Dedicated Team

Pooja Bais
Pooja Bais
Data Analyst
Mohit Kumavat
Mohit Kumavat
AR Research Scientist
Pelumi Olugbenga
Pelumi Olugbenga
Sustainability Policy Consultant
Chloe Li
Chloe Li
Lead Software Engineer/AR Developer
Cody Blower
Cody Blower
Lead 3D Artist
Neha Chanu
Neha Chanu
CEO & Founder
Tyler Hill
Tyler Hill
Marketing Specialist