With REACH, CPG and eCommerce brands can craft compelling, interactive brand and product experiences with 3D content and augmented reality

Augmented reality
for packaging

Overcome the challenge of limited surface area of the packaging to showcase details about the product.

Utilize different kinds of media such as videos, reviews and more to convey brand and product story.

AR engagement is up nearly 20% since the beginning of 2020 with conversion rates increasing by 90% for consumers engaging with AR compared to those that don’t.
[Retail Customer Experience]

The goal for brands should be to use AR to enable proactive "surfacing" of personalized, contextual content without the user initiating it. Over two-thirds (68%) of AR users believe AR would be most useful if it "can figure out the right information to show me at the right time all by itself". [Campaign Live]

Augmented reality
for eCommerce

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with 3D content and augmented reality.

" 3D content can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites". [Marketing Dive]

Augmented reality
for marketing

Overcome ad fatigue by introducing an element of surprise in your marketing content.

"AR content in comparison to non-AR content is simply more memorable. A recent study by Neuro-Insight showed three key insights: (1) AR drives high levels of visual attention in the brain (almost 2x that of non-AR tasks), (2) AR elicits a ‘surprise’ response in the brain, and (3) what is stored, or encoded into memory is 70% higher for AR experiences". [Neuro-Insight x Mindshare Report, "Layered"]


Keep a pulse on important KPIs

See the impact of integrating 3D content & AR with metrics that track engagement and provide insights into your customer's buying journey.

Gather insights at scale

Tap into the minds' of your customers by embedding a brief survey. Add a discount code to incentivize feedback.

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