Specifically built for brands


Immersive Experiences

with packaging & marketing

From start to finish without an app or an AR/VR/XR team

Convey information using a new medium that boosts engagement & retention while also doing good for the planet.
All this, plus analytics & embedded surveys so you know what your customers are thinking!

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The problem

Still doing packaging & marketing the old school way?

Hard for products to stand out in stores or for ads amongst competition

Unpredictable ROI on ads when social media apps keep changing, and even more unpredictable for those not on social media

Hard to track how product packaging & ads are perceived

Difficult to customize ads or packaging once they are launched

Finally, a solution built for brands

Everything you'll need to turn boring product packaging, ads into immersive product experiences from start to finish, all-in-one easy-to-implement solution.

No prior 3D modeling or AR/VR experience required

Leverage different kinds of content to build trust -- videos, reviews, social media links and more
  • Go beyond what is possible on the limited surface area of product packaging & ad space
  • Change the immersive experience easily
Enhance with 3D model animations
  • Include custom branded 3D model animations for an elevated look & feel
  • Customize the immersive experience to fit specific holidays with theme-specific animations
Embed surveys & discounts
  • Incentivize & collect feedback using surveys and discounts, at scale
  • Use insights from these surveys to better understand your audience
Powerful Analytics
  • Keep a pulse on important KPIs about user engagement, session analysis & more
  • Utilize this intelligence to drive important decisions

Create a memorable brand, while also going good for the planet

  • Qhanu partners with sustainability initiatives all around the world to help create a cleaner, healthier, greener environment
  • Because brands with a conscience give back to communities and contribute to the greater good

With Qhanu's solution, REACH, turn boring product packaging and ads into immersive experiences

Your audience not only expect to be 'wowed' but the numbers also speak for themselves

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